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"In one session, I have been kidney stone free."

Matthew Headshot



For 26 years I have been dealing with kidney stones. I have seen Urologist, Kidney specialist, Primary Care to only continue having chronic episodes. Crying, I went to Cathy for help.


In one session, I have been kidney stone free. No symptoms, aches, or other ailments that go hand and hand with this condition. I highly recommend reaching out to Cathy to see if she can be of assistance with your situation.

Client Love: "Cathy is truly a gifted healer."

Christy Headshot

Christy N., USA

It’s hard to not overly gush about Cathy. So I’ll tell you a story first. 

I met Cathy as a client of mine and quickly felt a connection to her. 

She is loud and bold and full of life with no apologies - I’m personally very attracted to authentic people. I know in the depths of my soul that our bodies can heal and if we provide the right energies for it, we can nurture from within. 

However, I also know that we can’t always do it alone. We get blocked, have traumas, etc. So when I decided to try a session with Cathy, I was 48 years old, had chronic and horrible abdominal pain, countless abdominal surgeries trying to correct things and heal since I was about 7. It was simply a part of me at that point.

My identity was defined around my pain. It was who I was - sort of.

I spent 3 hours in that first session and Cathy was pulling out the source of my pain. I, unfortunately, use my abdomen as my emotional storage unit. She flushed out something that happened to me and I bawled, sobbing to the point of nauseousness and severe headache during the session. She kept pulling. She talked me through it, helped me let go and helped ease the loss of losing my pain. Sounds weird but if that’s been your identity for so long, who was I without it? 

First session, my abdominal pain went away - it’s been over 2 years and aside from eating some bad food, I haven’t had so much as a cramp in my belly.

Our work wasn’t done though. I had to rebuild myself. I had to forgive myself, be accountable (a deeper level than I imagined), own and accept my role in my health, my choices and my relationships.

Being exposed and vulnerable is very hard work. But Cathy helped me take it to a new level which has catapulted my life into the most positive, best Iife I could imagine.

She is a truly gifted healer. I’ll warn you though - be ready to get real. She sees through lies and masks, she is direct, and holds you accountable. It’s not for everyone. She requires you to do the work, to show up, to be vulnerable, to be honest with yourself and to dig DEEP, to look inward for answers and not outside. Not everyone is capable of that depending on how ready you are. 

Most people I’ve referred to her aren’t ready to look inside themselves and take responsibility for where they are at.

This doesn’t mean you are the reason for all the things in life (not what I mean by accountability), but recognizing that at times we made choices that weren’t in our best interest and learning to acknowledge it, then let it go and move on. To grow.

She's tough and she doesn’t sugar coat things to make you feel better. She tells it like she’s guided and if you’re ready - your life will change for the better. 

I walk lighter. I lost all the cortisol fat in my body. I don’t have ANY abdominal pain. I have a wonderful and happy life with no apologies for being me. And I am pain freeIt’s worth it. Pull on your big girl (or big boy) pants and get real, get healed.

"Cathy's energy work on its own is profoundly healing."

Anne Novak Headshot

Anne N.,


Cathy is (and has been for years!) a guiding light in my life. As my "go-to” when I’m seeking clarity and healing on all levels, Cathy consistently delivers precisely what I need when I need it! Cathy offers a perspective that's born from both her truly unique intuitive gifts, as well as a direct personal experience of love, truth and joy. In other words, she walks the walk!


Cathy's energy work on its own is profoundly healing. Countless times she's restored the health and balance within my body when literally nothing else worked. Couple that with her ability to deliver guidance that's as practical as it is insightful and now you have a life-changing opportunity. I can honestly say that I'm not sure I'd be alive (and thriving!) today without her invaluable support! 


I regularly seek her counsel, whether it's relationships, work, home life or health, Cathy has answers. All I can say is that if you're blessed with the chance to work with her, take it! 

"Experience deep and lasting healing."

Ally Headshot

Ally M., Mexico

"I came to Cathy after 10 years of chronic dis-ease. My health was in shambles, my marriage and mothering had suffered through years of painful stress, and I was experiencing a bit of inexplicable discontentment in my life.

After years of trying every therapy, every diet, every lifestyle and medication shift I could, I had lost hope that complete healing was actually possible. 

The truth is, before Cathy, no other healers, doctors, or therapists were able to unroot the root cause of my dis-ease. Despite my skepticism during my initial intake call with Cathy, it was her authority and assuredness that I could be complete and whole again that convinced me to pull the trigger on a healing package.

I was ready for healing and chose to work with Cathy in 3-day retreat form. During my first hour-long session I experienced a deep uprooting of hidden emotional anchors and felt an immediate release of pain, dis-ease and darkness. 

Cathy embodies a deep, divine intuition that is truly hard to describe in words. Throughout the process, I was truly supported, honored, valued and seen. I felt I was a partner with Cathy every step of my healing journey.

Although it feels cliché to say, I left that first session a different person, fully healed and ready to sift through the emotional roots that had caused me and the people I love so much agony over the years. The healing process extended past that first hour, of course, and the benefit of the follow up conversations I was able to have with Cathy over the course of our retreat was of unparalleled value. 

Having Cathy “at my disposal” if you will, was a true blessing. Loving care, coupled with her signature directness, joy and laughter was the perfect recipe for my healing. There’s no one quite like her on earth.

Cathy tells you like it is and doesn’t shy away from the truth. She’s not afraid to help you deep dive well past your comfort zone until you’re truly free and healed. 

If you’re ready to experience deep and lasting healing, you simply must invest in any amount of time you can with Cathy. You deserve to live whole, happy and healed. You won’t regret it."

Cathy is truly so amazing. Her light is so bright it can hardly be contained in a human vessel. She is pure love❤️. Her story is so very life altering and I believe every word. I have had my own experiences - none as powerful as hers - but I could feel the presence of pure love coming through her words as though I was there with her. I know Cody is with her too because I felt his presence come into the living room when I was there. 


Cathy helps us understand that there is no end but just beautiful transitions, and everything is for a purpose. Love transcends all time and dimension and truly is eternal. Cathy has so much to teach us.



"To cross paths with her would be the best blessing you could ever receive."

Barbara Henry

Barbara H.,

“Get her in here, I need her energy.” Those words set in motion one of the most profound experiences of my life and confirmed what I already knew about my friend Cathy Soukup – she speaks and lives her truth - she walks the talk. This experience, as I rubbed her back on that beautiful October day in 2009, in New Milford Hospital, was at a whole new level. 


Being around Cathy clears your mind of all the excess, unnecessary baggage we all seem to accumulate in our lives. She understands the life force – energy – and how it can shape a life. So she surrounds herself and friends with the force of that positive energy. She is a dynamism that believes in simplicity in her home and heart. She is also the most positive and loving person I know.


Cathy gives love freely and is non-judgmental. She is there to help a friend or stranger through their challenges and then, she may challenge you again. She is a guide, a listener, a healer. She doesn’t need photographs or documentation of her life experiences because she truly lives in the moment and understands being “present.”


It’s freeing to be around her and I guess that was how her only child, her son Cody, felt when in her loving arms left every earthly experience and, with her help, crossed over.


I had the honor and the privilege to witness it all first hand as I rubbed her back, watching her lean over her dying son in the hospital emergency room. When she arrived she told him she was there and that she would help him stay or leave, but it was his decision to make and she would respect his choice. 

She silently prayed with her eyes closed and her hands on him, putting all her energy and focus into him. Feeling him slipping away, she thanked him for choosing her to be his mother and told him how much love and happiness he brought into her life.


He started to rally and his vital signs improved but he must’ve known what she felt as she held her hands on his broken body. His face was beautiful, not a scratch on it, he looked like he was sleeping. She later told me that she could feel he was beat up pretty bad internally. As a result of the car accident he was in, he must’ve known his life would not be as he had known and made the decision to leave. When he took his last breath, surrounded by the love of his parents, he had to know he was safe. 

Cath remained ever focused, eyes closed with her hands on him, I rubbing her back, until she revealed to his father and the few of us in the room that she had helped Cody pass over and her father, Norm, was there to greet him when he opened his eyes on the other side. They were standing together smiling at her. She was so joyful and with tears of joy reached over Cody to try and comfort his father, saying, “He’s with Norm, Mark, he’s with Norm!” 

There was not a dry eye in the room. She let out a huge sigh of relief and we hugged as she thanked me for giving her the added energy she so needed. I never took my hands off her back from the moment I stepped into the room. She had requested that when I told the nurse, “Please tell her I’m here if she needs me.”  


Cathy knew Cody was in a car accident with his friends who were in the car. She never asked one question about it until we got in the car to go back to her home. “Barb, tell me what happened, and who were the others – how many were involved?” I gave her the information, and she quickly closed her eyes, drew her hands together, prayed and said, “I need to focus on them now,” and never said another word the whole way home. I could feel the healing love and light surrounding those 3 boys. Later, she said “They will all be ok.” I don’t believe I had told her then that 2 were airlifted to other hospitals. Over time, they all were ok.


At home she sat out in her credenza with a few of us, as people began to come over. She was calm, reflective at times and welcoming, even though she had to be exhausted and physically drained from the experience.


There was a celebration of Cody’s life out in nature, in Steep Rock, with so many people from all walks of life attending. I was honored to have been asked to speak that day. Cathy sat with Mark and many of Cody’s friends with a baseball cap on, hanging on every word, smiling and laughing. She was so proud and grateful of the boy she brought into this world and all the life experiences she shared with him while raising him. She took him everywhere she went on her travels. She gave him her time, attention and love. He was like her in many ways because of the bond they shared. He made friends everywhere he went and was a happy, fun young man. He lived a positive, loving, non-judgmental life, just like his mother.


Cathy and Mark took Cody’s ashes and spread them in most of the places he travelled with her. From the ocean in Laguna Beach, California, to his home in Roxbury, Connecticut, Cody is in the water, wind and earth and his mother’s life remains whole because he is with her always.


One cannot help but love, learn and grow from a woman who is such a blessing to everyone lucky enough to meet and befriend her. She sees how we are all connected and how living organically, lovingly and gratefully can heal anyone who ails. Let her healing hands, mind and voice help you through this life’s challenges. To cross paths with her would be the best blessing you could ever receive.


On so many levels, I’m privileged to call Cathy Soukup my best friend.


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