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 Everyone has an important story to tell... 

Cathy and Josh on hike

Cathy Soukup is an intuitive guide currently living in Colorado with her beloved golden retriever, Josh. Through remote and in-person sessions, Cathy works with her clients and their diverse needs, ranging from discomfort, toxic relationships and deep (and often unidentifiable) discontentment with their lives.

By the time her clients connect with her, they’ve likely tried multiple modalities without success. This leaves them feeling lost, skeptical, or hopeless that true, complete wholeness is possible. 

Once you’ve shared an exchange with her and you’ve experienced her divine assuredness, you begin to feel that joy and renewal isn’t just possible, but it’s also actually far easier than you’ve been led to believe.

You just need the right guide. 

Cathy radiates joy, courage, self-belief, authenticity, assurance, freedom, and acceptance. She holds an undeniable zest for life and a passion for the intuitive services she provides.

It's your time

And your discovery call with Cathy is simply the next best step for you to take in your journey.


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