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Ready to make a shift in your life and you feel like you've tried everything else?

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If you've tried dealing with the hurt, discomfort and discontentment in your life and have come away feeling angry, frustrated, lost or hopeless, you're in the right place.

My clients have typically gone through every traditional and alternative method they could find, resulting in wasted time, wasted money and added despair, rather than lasting results.

I have an uncanny ability to peel back all the layers and get to what is really causing the stagnation in your life.

I help you find balance and harmony so you can finally regain your vitality.

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I'm an intuitive coach. I support my clients both remotely and in-person at an hourly rate. Let's get on a free discovery call to discuss your needs and make a plan.

There's so much more to life - where it all began

Cathy had the pleasure of raising a fabulous child who was and continues to be her teacher through his life and crossing over. Watch Cathy and Cody's story to understand the genesis of why Cathy is on this journey as an intuitive guide. 

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